Mittwoch, der 24. März 2021
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Europe has paused this noon. All over the continent this Wednesday, people were observing a minute’s silence for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic. “I want to thank all who joined us for this European moment of remembrance and solidarity,” said Dario Nardella, President of Eurocities and Mayor of the Italian city of Florence. One year after the outbreak of the pandemic, Eurocities had called for a “collective moment of remembrance”.

Nardella invited everyone to “pause for a minute: to think of those who have passed away, and all of those who have suffered loss; to honour those feeling the consequences of the pandemic; to think with gratitude of all who keep things going in this crisis; and to reflect on our own situation – to take a breath for a moment.”

In Eurocities’ member cities, and beyond, people held a minute’s silence together, in different ways, as is possible under the current restrictions: from physically distanced gatherings of colleagues in city halls and offices – as in Nicosia or Logroño –, to city councils interrupting their meetings – as in Vienna and Munich –, to pausing online conferences – as in Helsinki –, to ringing bells in the city – as in Leipzig and Stuttgart –, to stopping public transport for a moment, as in Budapest and Berlin.

“It was a strong sign of togetherness across borders,” Nardella said. “With this spirit, we will overcome the crisis, together.”

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Source: eurocities
Link: A moment of remembrance and solidarity