Donnerstag, der 20. August 2020
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The “Anti-Stress Campaign”, which was launched by Beşiktaş Municipality in July, with its motto “Beşiktaş Will Heal”, continues with stage shows. Free theater shows and stand-up performances will be held in the local parks of Beşiktaş every weekend until mid-September. Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat invited all residents to the events.

After staying at homes for a long time, Beşiktaş residents had participated in music concerts, stress-relieving yoga, and sports activities, and meetings with psychologists in local parks on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays within the scope of the Anti-Stress Movement initiated by Mayor Akpolat to minimize the psychological effects of the epidemic during the gradual transition to the normalization process.

Beşiktaş Municipality is now preparing to meet neighbours with performing arts in local parks. Beşiktaş residents will come together to enjoy theater shows and stand-up shows while minding precautionary measures to be taken regarding COVID-19 and avail themselves of the advantage of the healing power of art within the framework of Beşiktaş Will Heal events.

Due to the pandemic, the audience must wear a mask while entering the parks and during the events which are to be held in accordance with social distance rules. Disinfectants will be placed in all parks within the scope of Covid-19 measures, and temperature checks will be mandatory at the entrance of parks.

The program schedule and event details, which will be held between 14 August and 13 September at 21:00 h, can be accessed on the official website of Beşiktaş Municipality


Source: eurocities