Freitag, der 17. April 2020
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Bologna’s Institution for Education and Schools (IES) has been offering online educational resources to families with children aged 0-6, to help and keep them entertained, educated and exercised without leaving the house. Since 25 March, the platform has collected a growing list coming directly from the working groups of the municipal nursery and kindergarten, as well as from Children’s and Families’ Centres (Cbf’s): online suggestions and activities, indicatively divided by age groups (0-3 and 3-6) and for free access to all.

The IES initiative is part of the wider project called “Staying together… from a distance”, launched soon after the shutdown of all schools and education services in Italy, which aims at keeping a relationship alive between teachers, educators and operators of nursery and kindergartens and of CbF’s, and the parents and kids of the corresponding school classes, by offering a wide range of contact and sharing, with the support of professional educators.

Communication includes messages, videos, reading of letters, songs, nursery rhymes, suggestions for activities and games, often in connection with the educational programmes of the kids’ classes, ideas to spend time together with arts and crafts activities: drawing, collecting images, building objects with any material available at home.

At the moment, the project is activated by all the 120 educational services and kindergardens run by the Institution, in different ways according to different contexts. More information (in Italian) here.

Contact: Francesca Martinese
Source: eurocities