Dienstag, der 16. Juni 2020
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Bordeaux has launched a new trial project helping members of a dozen social grocery stores to buy fresh fruit and vegetables by having the city pay the difference between cost price and store price. The city also supports the Food Bank and various other organisations to give access to good quality food to those in need for free. The city and its partners have collected around €300,000 to finance food distribution actions.

Several other initiatives have also been set up to support local production and distribution of food:

support for the Chamber of Agriculture’s drive-through farm box collection schemepromote the collection of groceries from food marketscreate new communal garden plotsfund school canteens at 105 state-funded nurseries and primary schoolsdeliver meals and groceries to the elderlydeliver meals to homes

Read more here and here (in French)

Contact: Marie-Elisabeth Sapin
Source: eurocities