On Wednesday, 15 July 2020, the first virtual Urban Thinker Campus on the topic of „Public space and public life during Covid-19“ took place.
You can watch a recording of the livestream under the following link: https://archiv.utc-mannheim.de/live

The virtual UTC was opened by Dr. Peter Kurz, Lord Mayor of City of Mannheim.

Rasmus Duong-Grunnet, Director of Gehl Architects and Jens Loff, Partner of Nordlicht gave a presentation on the topic of Public space and public life during Covid 19.

For further information, please click on the following link: https://archiv.utc-mannheim.de/live

Prof. Elke Pahl-Weber, technical university berlin institute for urban and regional planning gave an insight into the project Welcome Perspectives – Migrants4Cities.

For further information please follow this link: https://archiv.utc-mannheim.de/live

Dr. Tobias Vahlpahl, Neighbourhood Management Coordinator shared his information on Mannheim’s Quarter districts during the lockdown.

Dr. Simone Burel, CEO of LUB GmbH moderated the Urban Thinker Campus and together with the Experts answered the questions of the audience from the chat.

The results of the virtual UTC will be prepared soon and published on the website.