Freitag, der 24. April 2020
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Employees of the facility management department of the City of Vienna decided to sew 2,500 masks in order to protect their colleagues. 50 female room attendants decided to take matters into their own hands and to produce masks to equip all their colleagues with reusable (and washable at 60 degrees) cotton masks. Luckily, a remaining stock of a total of 77 metres of dark grey cotton fabric could be purchased on a short notice; and a workshop to produce a prototype was organised.

After a washing test (boil wash at 60 degrees), design and sewing tips were shared, and the material was handed over to 50 female room attendants who are currently on standby duty and who have spontaneously and voluntarily volunteered for production.

In the first week of April, the finished protective masks were handed over to those municipal employees who work at the most exposed workplaces (health authorities, town hall, etc.) – all room attendants, housekeepers, concierges, office caretakers, workshop employees and support base managers of the construction and building management.

More information (in German) here.

Contact: Michaela Kauer or stay up to date at @Stadt_Wien
Source: eurocities