Freitag, der 10. April 2020
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In Zagreb, where the coronavirus pandemic has been further exacerbated by an earthquake, the city is providing several kinds of financial relief for people and businesses. For retirees the obligation to settle utility bills under the jurisdiction of the City of Zagreb and companies owned by the City of Zagreb is extended by three months from the due date indicated on the payment slips, and in the default deadline will not accrue interest on arrears or trigger penalties for arrears.

The city has also allowed a release of payment and deduction of the fixed amount for the period from 1 April to 30 June 2020 with the possibility of extension, for the following groups:

Entrepreneurs engaged in the business of business premises owned by the City of Zagreb are exempt from rent in full.Entrepreneurs who are obliged to pay utility bills for office space and construction land used for performing business activities have been reduced by 30% the determined amount of utility bills.Entrepreneurs who are obliged to pay communal fees for business premises and construction land used for carrying out business activities and whose work has been suspended by a decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, are fully exempted from the obligation of communal feesUsers of public areas for the outdoor patio are exempted from paying a monthly fee

From April 1, parents / guardians using services of kindergartens founded by the City of Zagreb are fully exempt from participation fees in kindergarten until the decision to suspend teaching in higher education institutions, secondary and elementary schools, as well as full-time work of preschool institutions and the establishment of distance learning by the Government of the Republic of Croatia is revoked.


Source: eurocities